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PAMax-P active power filter was designed for internet data center (IDC). It adopted 19inch standard rack having advantages of small size, light weight, safe and reliable.

PAMax-P active power filter was designed and manufactured according to industrial product standards. It can meet the various commercial and industrial applications. This product collects harmonic filtering, reactive power compensation and three-phase imbalance correction in one b body. It is an ideal choice for the power quality control.

  • Compatible with network cubicle, GGD, MNS and others.
  • Achieve module hot plug.
  • Has automatic current transformer short-circuit control circuit.
  • Has terminal automatic positioning and position correction function.
  • Reduce user maintenance work.
  • Achieve machine outage maintenance.

  • Harmonic filtering: harmonic filter function which can set the numbers of harmonic compensation and filtering rate.
  • Dynamic reactive power compensation: reactive power compensation function which can set target power factor (inductive or capacitive).
  • Three phase unbalance correction: three phase unbalance correction (active power unbalance compensation) function which can be set.
  • Multiple work mode: has work modes of “filter priority”, “reactive power priority”, “harmonic filtering only”, “reactive power compensation only” can flexibly choose work mode according to specific details of power distribution system.
  • Comprehensive analysis and display function: Real-time take samples of current and voltage, analysis system harmonic, reactive power and active power, and display in the form of chart and waveform.

  • Efficient energy-saving
    • Constant frequency PWM patent technology, high current tracking speed, small ripple wave, low power loss
    • The low loss amorphous alloy magnetic core reactor, low noise, high efficiency
    • Overall loss is less than 3%
  • High filtering ability
    • Multiple DSP cooperative control, high accuracy, fast speed
    • High harmonic filtering rate, for target harmonic, effective filtering rate can be 97%
    • Can filter 2nd to 50th harmonic
  • Multi-function, multi-mode, high adaptability
    • Harmonic graded compensation function, harmonic reactive power integrated compensation, active power balance compensation function
    • Advanced control algorithm, adapt to all kinds of complicated site and stable operation, can be parallel running with reactive power compensation cabinet
    • Source current and load current detection function can be programmable at site
    • True color touch screen, Chinese and English double language interface can be switchover at site
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