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Highly efficient and reliable, the PAMax active power filters are designed for heavy industrial applications where subject to harmonic distortion. The PAMax APFs are available in free standing cubicle format with maximum compensation current up to 600A.


Harmonic Filter: PAMax is composed of command current computing circuit and compensation current generating circuit. Command current computing circuit conducts real-time monitoring of current in circuit, switch the analog current signals into digital signals, and send the signals into DSP for handling, separate harmonics and fundamental wave, send drive pulse in form of PWM signals to compensation current generating circuit, drive IGBT power module, produce compensation current input network which has the same amplitude as harmonic amplitude and inverse polarity, compensate or balance out harmonic current, eliminate power harmonics actively, and thus realize the dynamic quick and complement treatment of power harmonics.

Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation: While filtering harmonics, according to detected need for reactive power compensation, PAMax command current computing circuit can control internal capacitive and inductive fundamental current of compensation current generating circuit, conduct real-time compensation, set the target value of reactive power compensation through operation board. There are 4 working modes for choice, namely, “filter priority”, “reactive power priority”, “harmonic filter only”, and “reactive power compensation only”. The working mode should be selected according to specific conditions of power distribution system.

Correct unbalanced 3 phases: PAMax can compensate the unbalanced 3 phases respectively. It can conduct phase adjustment of active power through DC Energy Storage Systems shared by 3 phases, thus to correct unbalanced load of 3 phases. The operation of this function can also be set by operation board.


Higher Efficiency, Lower Loss
  • Patented technology of ripple cancellation and stagger converter is characterized by high current tracing speed, small ripple and low loss.
  • Multi-DSP collaborative control can guarantee highly accurate control and high-speed computation.
  • The harmonic filter rate is high. Toward target harmonics, effective harmonic filter rate can reach 97%.
  • It can filter up to over 20 kinds of harmonics at the same time, and harmonics in side of the 50th at most.
  • Low-loss ceramic alloy.
  • Magnetic Core reactor is characterized by low noise and high efficiency.
More Functions, More Modes
  • Fractional compensation of harmonics can be set according to actual needs.
  • Harmonic reactive compensation is equipped with 4 working modes, namely, “filter priority”, “reactive power priority”, “harmonic filter only”, and “reactive power compensation only”, which can satisfy the compensation need for various power distribution systems.
  • Balance compensation function can balance the load current among phases.
  • RS485 interface, standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol, and computer remote monitoring function.
More Stable, More Reliable
  • Optical fiber drive can guarantee high security, reliability and anti-jamming capability.
  • Multi-protection, strict thermal design can ensure the secure and reliable operation of the system.
  • Advanced control algorithms can offer stable operation for various complex environments, and it can also conduct parallel operation with capacitor compensating box.
  • Digital control, LCD working platform English.
  • Self-diagnosis function.
  • Record of historical events function.
Higher Power Density, Easier Installation and Maintenance
  • Modular design of converter can guarantee high power density, and easy installation and maintenance.
  • Output capacity is high. Single-unit output capacity can reach up to 600A.
  • It can conduct multi-machine parallel operation to satisfy various needs for compensation capacity.
  • Automatic current limiting will be conducted once output capacity is fully loaded,  so it is free of the trouble in overloading.
  • Detection methods of source current and load current are optional for the convenience of field installation.
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