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PQSVG-MV Static Var Generator is a new active dynamic reactive power and harmonic compensation device with high cost performance. This device can do real-time tracking compensation to harmonic, reactive power which changes in both size and frequency and three phase unbalance, thus can provide fast dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering for power grid and electrical loads. It can effectively improve transit stability of power grid voltage, suppress busbar voltage flicker, compensate unbalanced loads, filter the harmonic and improve the power factor.

PQSVG-MV can be widely used in
  • Power grid hub substation: improve system transit voltage stability, guarantee the system safe running.
  • Wind power plant: improve busbar voltage stability, suppress oscillation.
  • Metallurgy industry, petrochemical industry, mines and electrified railway: suppress voltage flicker, compensate unbalanced load, filter load harmonic and improve power factor.
  • Other industries: suppress voltage fluctuation, filter load harmonic and improve power factor.

Technical Advantages

Static Var Generator (SVG) is the most advanced reactive power device at now. The compensation device based on voltage source type inverter has realized a qualitative leap of reactive power compensation mode. It no longer use capacitance and inductance devices of large capacity, but through high-frequency switch of high-power electronic device to realized conversion of reactive energy. Technically speaking, PQSVG-MV has the following advantages compared traditional reactive power compensation device:

1) Fast response speed
SVG response time ≤ 10ms but traditional SVC response time ≥ 20ms (if too fast, may cause oscillation of reactor and capacitor). SVG can complete interconversion from rated capacitive reactive power to rated inductive power within a very short time, this incomparable response speed completely can be competent to the impact load compensation.

2) Stronger voltage flicker suppress ability
The suppress of SVC on voltage flicker can be 2:1 at most, while SVG can be 5:1 or even higher. Being subject to the limitation of response speed, SVC’s voltage flicker ability will not increase along with the increase of compensate capacity. But as SVG has faster response speed, increasing device capacity can continuously improve its voltage flicker suppress ability.

3) Wider operating range
The output current of SVG is not depend on the voltage, performed as the characteristics of constant current source, can work among the ranges of rated inductive to rated capacitive, has wider operating range. While the nature of SVC is impedance compensation, the output current and voltage have linear relation. So when system voltage reduces, SVG can proved greater compensation capacity compared with the same capacity SVC, the characteristic of voltage and current are as follows, prompt: (if SVG is accompanied with fixed capacity of the same capacity, can constitute dynamic capacitive reactive power compensator of 0-2 times of the capacity, cost effective is more)

4) Diversified compensation function
PQSVG-MV not only has fast reactive power compensation functions, but also can compensate load harmonic current, negative-sequence current and other power quality problems based on user actual requirement.

5) Excellent harmonic output characteristic
PQSVG-MV used carrier phase-shifting PWM technology and power unit cascade multilevel technology, harmonic content produced by itself is very low, no need filter at device output side. SVG can output not only reactive current approximate sine wave (no harmonic, for grid compensation), but also the setting number harmonic current (for load harmonic filtering), the output current of SVG output current is fully active and controlled, fully meet the needs of the users; while SVC generates a lot of uncontrollable harmonic current, and comes with a large number of uncontrollable passive filter branch to realize self-generated harmonic current filter.

6) Small floor area
As no need of high voltage large-capacity capacitor and reactors to save energy, the floor area of SVG is only 50% of SVC that with the same capacity.