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STATCOM is the most advanced reactive power compensation device at present. It no longer adopts large-capacity capacitor, inductor to produce required reactive power, but through the high-frequency switch of power electronic device to realize reactive power compensation and quick adjustment, is a qualitative leap of reactive power compensation technology. It is especially applicable to dynamic reactive power compensation for middle-high voltage power system.

STATCOM has incomparable advantages with traditional reactive power compensation device
  1. Rapid  response  speed: STATCOM  can  complete  inter-conversion  between  rated capacitive  reactive  power  and  rated  inductive  reactive  power,  response  time≤5ms,  can  be competent  with  real-time  tracking  reactive  power  compensation  of  serious  impact  and  high volatility loads.
  2. Stronger ability to suppress voltage flicker: the suppress of STATCOM to voltage flicker can be 5:1 or even higher, can continue to improve suppress ability with the increase of compensation capacity.
  3. Wider operating range: STATCOM can work in the range of rated inductive to rated capacitive, and reactive power output current will not reduce when system voltage becomes lower.
  4. Diversified compensation functions: it not only can fast tracking compensate system reactive power, but also can integrated compensate power quality problems such as load harmonic current, negative sequence current and so on.
  5. Small occupied area: the occupied area of STATCOM is usually 50% of SVC of the same capacity.

Principle and Application

STATCOM adopts gate-controlled high-power power electronic device IGBT to compose voltage type inverter, connect to power grid in parallel through reactor, then adjust amplitude and phase position of inverter output voltage or directly control its output current, that is absorbable or generate reactive power, achieve the purpose of dynamic reactive power.

STATCOM widely apply to industry with impact loads and high-capacity motors such as petrochemical, metallurgy, power, coal, electric railway, wind power plant and so on.

Main Functions
  1. Compensate system reactive power, improve power factor, reduce cable loss, save energy and reduce cost.
  2. Maintain the voltage of receiving and strengthen the stability of system voltage.
  3. Suppress voltage fluctuation and flicker.
  4. Suppress three phase unbalance.

Product Features of PQSVG-HV
  1. Adopt reactive power current detection mode based on instantaneous reactive power theory, respond time is very fast.
  2. Inverse main circuit adopts H bridge power unit cascade topology composed by IGBT, Synthesis step wave approximation sinusoidal output voltage, has many advantages such as that harmonic content is much lower, the voltage stress subjected by switching devices is small, no need  equalizing  circuit,  can  avoid  various  problems  caused  by  dv/dt,  is  praised  as  “perfect harmony” converter.
  3. Using optical trigger technology, realizing electric isolation of primary system and secondary system, high anti-interference ability, high safety and reliability.
  4. Modular design of power circuit, easy maintenance, good exchangeability.
  5. Fully digital controller, high automatically, stable performance, friendly human-computer interface, with network communication function.
  6. Complete protection function, with over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-heat protection, control system use UPS power supply, operating is safe and reliable.
  7. No transient shock when switching, no switching rush current, no arc re-striking, can re-switch no need to discharge.
  8. Compact equipment structure, small occupied area, easy installation, set, commission.
  9. High efficiency, less calorific value, low operating cost.
  10. Can be installed in parallel, easy to expand capacity.