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The main features of PFMax-N low voltage reactive power compensation device controller
  • Accurate parameter detection, the detection error of voltage and current is not more than 1%.
  • For the fuzzy control of capacitor branch, only need to set capacitor’s parameters and compensation target power factor, the controller will choose the optimal compensation  solution  automatically.
  • Event logging function. Clock chip and memory chip are embedded, can automatically record 200 sets of  fault events.
  • Support 3 phase unified compensation, phase compensation and hybrid compensation of them.
  • Over harmonic protection - when the harmonic content exceeds the set value, protection is fast.
  • Abnormal protection of voltage and current (protection value can be set)
  • Automatically detect internal temperature, start and stop of temperature control fan.
  • Bar chart will show the characteristic harmonic. 
  • Vividly display the harmonic content of voltage and current, at a glance.
  • Based on 5-inch large LCD display, convenient and simple to operate.
  • RS485 communication function, Modbus communication  protocol.
The  design  of  harmonic  control  reactor
  • When  the load  harmonic  content  is  very low (the harmonic content of  bus voltage is not more than 1%), no need  for series reactor.
  • When  the harmonic content of bus voltage is less than 5%, and no requirements of current suppression and harmonic  filtering, series detuning reactor can be used:
    • 6% or 7% reactor can be used when 3rd harmonic voltage content is less than 0.5%.
    • More than 12% reactor should be used when 3rd harmonic voltage content is more than 0.5%.
  • When load harmonic is heavier and demand  filtering, tuned reactor should be used.
  • When  using  tuned reactor, filtering capacitor should also be used - When using tuned reactor or passive power filter, more complex tests  and  design are usually required, thus can achieve good effect, and there is also need of safe operation calibration  to ensure the safe  running  of  the equipment.
  • After  serial reactor, the working  voltage and reactive power output are all  increased, the increment  is  equal to proportion of serial reactor.

According to different site condition, capacitor circuit will connect with 7% or 14% demodulation reactor in series,transfer capacitor/grid resonant frequency to below the main harmonics(5th or 3rd harmonic), avoid the resonance of capacitor and gird which could lead to capacitor damage and grid collapse.The above picture is typical magnified factor graph of capacitor/grid which connects 7% reactor in series, transfer the system resonant frequency from 5th to 3rd.

System Diagram
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